History and Archives of Middlesbrough & District Motor Club

This section of the website will be developed over the coming months to include memorabilia and atricles to give readers an insight to the history of one of the longest established motor clubs.

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How it started!

In October 1905 a meeting of motorcyclists was held at Mr Sanderson’s, 107 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough when it was decided to form a Club to be called the “MIDDLESBROUGH & DISTRICT MOTORCYCLING CLUB”. 

The First 50 years

This history of Middlesbrough & District Motor Club was compiled by Alf Buttress, the long standing secretary of Middlesbrough & District Motor Club.

His original document, now out of print, was re-compiled in 2001 for publication on the Motor Club’s website, by the then President of the club, David Ransome.

The reason for this re-compilation was to provide the history to new readers and interested parties also to coincide with the celebration of the Centenary of the club in 2005.

The Early Years

History Part 1

Part 1 details the first 10 years of the club’s history.

Between the Wars

History Part 2

Part 2 covers the period between the 1st and 2nd World Wars – 1919 to 1939

The War Years

History Part 3

Part 3 covers the club’s history during the 2nd World War from 1940 to 1945.

Articles and memorabilia

The First Post War Scott Trial

AFTER twenty years in the West Yorkshire Dales, the “Scot!” Trial celebrated its coming of age in 1938 in the Cleveland Hills of North Yorkshire, the organisation being entrusted to the Middlesbrough and Stockton Clubs.

German Motorcycle Football - Translation

For the first time in Germany Football Competition – Played according to the English rules for Motorcycle Football, Middlesbrough Motor Cycle Club.

1938 MDMC Offical Handbook

The club’s offical handbook contained information on the officals of the club. the holders of the sporting trophies. It was also had sections for members to record their running expenses, maintenance tips, other information and a set of colour maps of England, Wals and Southern Scotland.

Golden Jubilee 1955

1955 Golden Jubilee

The following is an extract of the forward by PROFESSOR A. M. LOW, A.C.G.I., D.Sc., Chairman of the A.C.U. - over 6 decades later study his words!

One day we may see turbines ruling the roost. We may enjoy electrically driven cars, storing power from a central atom station. We shall expect elaborate comfort, air conditioning, perfect roads, enormous speeds, perhaps accessory wings instead of mudguards, and certainly the fullest radio equipment. Will we also be able to ring up ‘Middlesbrough
as we drive and ask for the date of the centenary celebrations in the knowledge that our beginnings are remembered?
I hope and pray that “Yes” is the answer to that question.

p.s The answer to his question was the Centenary Celebrations were held in June 2005.

The Committee of 1955

Standing: R. W. Godson, F. C. Barker (Vice-President), R. Bradley, J. R. Crawford, E. B. Young (Competition Sec.), T.J. K. Pickering, R. B. Young, J. Parsons (Vice-President), H. Wiley (Press Sec.), H. Whitfield, F. Creasor (Vice-President), S. Webster, V. C. Denton.
Seated: R. Hornigold, A. Bunting (Hon. Treasurer), R. H. Richardson (Vice-President), N. R. Hutton (Chairman), W. Cooper (President), A. V. Buttress (Hon. Sec.), J. Gilchrist (Vice-President), T. A. Hanson (Vice-President), D. Connett (Captain),
Absent: H. R. Johnson-Laird (Vice-Captain), A. C. Allen (Vice-President), A. W. Armstrong (Vice-President), C. Waller and G. E. Hudson.

Club members and Speedway

Reproduced from the Golden Jubilee booklet.

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